By joining MobOx you can support our mission: to ensure Oxford become one of the best place in UK to live and do business.


MobOx has gained significant traction since inception in both the commercial and public sector (OxLEP as well as local SME’s). We are already working closely with several stakeholders that share the vision to develop Oxford into a Smart learning city.MobOx is seeking partners in the following key areas:

  • Mass public transport
  • Bespoke transport solutions
  • Active mobility solutions
  • Building Infrastructure
  • Retail specialists
  • Logistics – inter and intra city
  • Mobility sensing solutions
  • Information integrators
  • Integrated payment solutions

Benefit of becoming MobOx Partners

  • Access to world class analytical teams at Oxford University and Oxford Brookes University
  • Physical office space working alongside other Mobility development professionals, sharing expertise and best practice
  • Future collaborative bidding for new funding in this high growth sector
  • Early stage engagement with emerging technologies (e.g. Autonomous pods, integrated ticketing, electric vehicles, smart charging, smart parking etc)
  • Integration of transport service solutions across platforms, across supplier bases
  • Access to key data held by the public sector
  • Use of Culham City proving ground for in-field testing
  • Funding of up to 50% for relevant projects
  • Join our social event and networking with like-minded people

Get in touch now and we are happy to discuss with you in more details!