Llewelyn Morgan, one of MobOx’s directors, was invited to  discusses how the challenges in mobility in constrained urban environments can lead to new social enterprises.  

”The planning approval of a new shopping complex called
Westgate Oxford, due to open in Oxford city centre in 2017,
created a lot of debate. Oxfordshire County Council predicts
that by 2021 the shopping centre, along with tourism growth, will
result in up to five million more visitors to the city every year. The
problem, then, is how to match increased urban mobility within a
finite road space, which is also a core challenge for most cities
across the globe and an increasing problem as the world’s
population becomes increasingly urbanised. ”

”Mobility Oxford (MobOx) is embarking upon a new phase of an
ambitious project to improve the experience of transportation in and
around the city by supporting the creation of open systems,
processes and technologies that will benefit residents, businesses
and visitors alike.
This project will provide the ideal ecosystem in which to develop
and test new technologies alongside existing transport systems and
offer increased business opportunities. The end goal is to foster the
concept of ‘mobility as a service’ in Oxford, and to create technology
and systems that can be demonstrated commercially with a view
to wider exploitation in other cities across the UK and overseas. ”

Read the full details of this insightful essay by clicking the link:http://www.paneuropeannetworkspublications.com/SC1/?#30/z

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